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Nuovo leak Topless Eminem feat Dre feat Nas+Testo

I giudici di X Factor UK stanno cercando di avere Eminem nello show

Da pochissimo in rete è uscita una canzone vecchia si pensa uno scarto di Detox risalente al 2007 con nas e Dre,eccola sotto.


My motto is “live by the bottle”

So why is my supply low?

Bring in a truckload with a high-low

Stay grounded but I still reach for the sky though

Ghetto idol i think, but what do I know?

Shit I know a lot more than I should

The hood stood by me just like I thought it would

Dont act like I'm Hollywood when I prob'ly could

I don't polly

Mohammed Ali of rap, I don't lolly gag

West Coast, the home of the bodybag

The shotty, the mag

Los Angeles, where the party at?

You can catch me anywhere where there's Bacardi at

Yeah, Andre is back so have a cardiac

Started back with the black

Rated starter cap

Gangsta rap, we practically fuckin' started that

Everyday with this game I'm gettin' smarter at

Sky's the limit so everytime I get on a track