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Outer Space


Kick me out the house?

Should kick your ass out the house

Call me a piece of shit? You’re a piece of shit

Awh, come on .. the fuck?

What the … the fuck is?

What the fuck? Awh fuck .. HEY!

Hey, hey … let me out

Let me out .. this is not fuckin' funny

HEY! … oh .. oh FUCK!

Ohh Shiiiit…


[Verse 1]

I am that motherfucker, Lord give me that deuce deuce

I'm out the roof like a chimney sweep

I'm on Jack and cola

Oh, snap that boy's about to go go bi, bi, bipolar

Dead at midnight, out like a convict

Trick I'm losing my shit, watch this

Throw a bottle, Fuck the world

I need fight tunes and mushrooms, I'm tripping

(Chicka Chicka) Who's bad?

Baby it's my turn, I want all of it

Hey, let's go

Look at 'em hating on a trailer park pimp

Who? Me

It's a problem ain't it, man

You're fucking white, you better get used to it

Catfish Billy man

Check the 5-0, in the rear-view

Scheming on the Chevy cause the Chevy's a clear view

Tires wet, pulling me over

With tattoos, I'm a pistol holder

An American fuck up, money like a crook

And I'm spending G's like I'm buying a soda

Check me out, CEO

Got pull like a monster truck so what's up

I earn my (shit), respect is a must

You fuck around with me (shit)

In the slug I trust

I got the Mossberg (shit)

Don't make me load that pump

James Brown motherfucker (shit)

I took her… I took her to the breakdown like this

[Hook x4]

Give me everything, take it all away

Lock me up and then throw away the key

Kick me down and then talk about my state

I'm not out of place, I'm from outer space

I'm not out of place, I'm from outer space

I'm not out of place, I'm from outer space


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