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Eminem: I suoi versi più “malati”

Eminem: I suoi versi più "malati"

I giochi di parole di Eminem, i suoi testi psicotici e la sua voce sono solo alcune delle ragioni per cui le persone si sono avvicinate alla sua musica alla fine degli anni 90. Il suo ritmo, il suo “comportamento” sulla traccia sono veramente unici. Marshall non ha mai avuto paura di dire quello che gli frullava in testa, riuscendo cosi a fare la cosa che gli riesce meglio: obbligarti a mettere pausa e tornare indietro per capire meglio ciò che ha detto. Quindi è per questo che oggi vogliamo proporvi quella che è una raccolta delle 10 canzoni in cui Eminem “spara i suoi versi più pazzi, malati, maniacali e crudi” che è stata realizzata qualche tempo fa da un sito che parla di hip-hop, ovvero Hiphopdx. Ecco a voi le 10 tracce, molte delle quali sono pezzi non molto conosciuti.

Thirstin Howl III f. Eminem – “Watch Deez”

“Whose arm is this? I must have cut it off at the pharmacist, That refused to renew my 7th prescription of Darvocets, I'm the old man who lives upstairs and starves his pets, That never leaves his house, cause he thinks his car's possessed”

Eminem – “Demon Inside”

“I'm possessed by evil demons that torture me while I'm sleepin' I keep dreamin' of death and I'm hearin' people screamin. The devil's spirits trapped inside me and i want it out, I'm on a couch, bleeding to death in a haunted house with both of my wrists slit”

Eminem – “3 A.M.”

“I remember the first time I dismembered a family member. December I think it was, I was havin' drinks with my cousin. I wrapped him in Christmas lights, pushed him into the stinkin' tub. Cut him up into pieces and just when I went to drink his blood. I thought I oughta drink his bath water that oughta be fun. That's when my days of serial murder manslaughter begun”

The Madd Rapper f. Eminem – “Stir Crazy”

“You're hearing the last thoughts of a man about to blow his fucking brains out. Fall back with a blood stained blouse on top of his spouse. Spread out on a blood stained couch. In front of his kids that he just killed in the same house”

Eminem – “My Darling”

“Haha, you sold your soul to me, need I remind you? You remember that night you, prayed to god You'd give anything to get a record deal, well Dre signed you. This is what you wanted your whole life Marshall, right through. Look at this house, look at these cars, I'm so nice, wooo! Oh, but you didn't know, fame has a price too. That you're just now seeing the downside to. Lose your best friend from high school, your wife too. Ain't even sure if your kids like you”

Eminem – “Murder Murder”

“This bitch tried escapin' the jack. Grabbed her by the throat, it's murder she wrote. You barely heard a word as she choked. It wasn't nuttin' for her to be smoked

But I slammed her on her back 'til her vertebrae broke. Just then the pigs bust in yellin' “Freeze!”

Eminem & Royce Da 5'9 – “Welcome To Hell”

“Here they come again, none other than Bad and Evil also known as Saddam and Osama Bin. It's been a long time but I bet that neither one of us have felt sicker than we do right known And we only get iller with time me, and Nickel fuckin' shit up on a dime, so telliin' us to pipe down's”

Biggie Smalls f. Eminem – “Dead Wrong”

“There's several different levels to Devil worshippin: horse's heads,human sacrifices, canibalism; candles and exorcism. Animals havin sex with 'em; camels mammals and rabbits But I don't get into that, I kick the habit – I just,beat you to death with weapons that eat through the flesh”

Eminem f. J-Black & Masta Ace – “Hell Bound”

“I ain't no fuckin G, I'm a cannibal I ain't tryin to shoot you, I'm tryin to chop you into pieces and eat you. Wrap you in rope and plastic, stab you with broken glass and have you with open gashes strapped to a soakin mattress. Coke and acid, black magic, cloaks and daggers!”

Eminem – “If I Get Locked Up Tonight”

“Hell yea I punch my bitch and beat my kids in public. Suck my dick bitch! I'm sick enough to fuck a man in his face but I won't Cause you'll probably wanna stand in his place. So put a sock in it with your fake-ass Tupac image. You faggots ain't tough you just get drunk and become talkative (Wanna Fight?)”


Eminem – “3 Verses”

“Got you locked in the cella With your skeleton showing Developing anorexia While I'm standin next to ya Eating a full course meal watching you starve to death With an IV in your veins Feeding you liquid darvicet Pumping you full of drugs Pull the plugs On the gunshot victims full of bullet slugs”

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