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Testo Trouble

[Intro: Slim Shady & Eminem]
Alright, here, drink this
What is it?
Shut up and drink it
I said drink it, bitch
The fuck? (Haha)
The fuck are you tryin’ to do? Get us cancelled

[Verse: Slim Shady & Eminem]
Ayo, fuck blind people (What?), and deaf people suck (Stop; yeah)
So do cripples (No), dumb quadriplegic fucks
With Christopher Reeve’s luck (Woah, woah-woah-woah-woah)
Shady, Jesus, what the fuck?
Oh, here comes Marshall to try to clean this up (Shut up)
What’s the matter, Marshall? Your penis tucked?
Aw, the big bad rapper just get his feelings hurt?
Let me go, you bitch, huh, or what, genius, huh?
You gonna cancel me, yeah? Gen-Z me, bruh?
Little pussy, what’s wrong? Thought you was dreaming, huh?
When you gonna rеalize that we fuckin’ need each othеr?

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