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Testo Road Rage

[Intro: Sly Pyper]
This rap shit divided by petty lines (Mm)
Which side are you on? (Pussy)
Social media got you fuckin’ in pantomime
Damn, why the line so long? (Rookie)
I’m just caught up in the rapture, tryna be a rap star
I hope I make it out alive (Alive)
I’m a master at masquerading and actin’ like I ain’t faded
Only I can see through mighty skies (Yeah)

[Verse 1: Eminem]
I walk around more confused than my aunt Linda’s man-friend
A black transgender Klan member (What?)
Who’s a Caitlyn Jenner fan and a (What?)
Member of Grindr and Tinder
[?] (Yeah) and apartment while I’m dancing around
All these names and labels that I can’t mеmo-rise (What the fuck?)
Now my antennaе’s are up on this pc shit
I’m finna go out on my shield like Captain America (What?)

[Chorus: Sly Pyper & Eminem]
Oh, we got a facade
Give me a road rage reason to black the fuck out and roll with the heat
Road rage (Vroom, vroom, vroom)
And I’m speedin’, fuck that red light, I’m tryna get even (Yeah)
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[Verse 2: Eminem]
How could I say some shit so mean? (Damn)
They’re tryna make my mouth closed like it’s clothing (What?)
This what it is though, but this is show biz
So things ain’t never really truly over ’til Lizzo sings (Like, oh don’t say that)
We should coddle fat people (Yeah)
Yeah, here’s a concept (What?), let’s celebrate onset (Yeah) diabetes
And instead of us dieting we can just have a pie eating contest (Delicious)
And we should be extra nice instead of honest
And instead of exercise (What?), it’s easier to find a triple-X your size
And try to press society to change so you don’t have to change
Pick up a way to eat less, them fries make your blood pressure rise
As it starts increasin’, all that starch and grease, it clog arteries
And these are the reasons for your heart disease and
Can’t tie your shoes (Why?), it’s too hard to reach ’em (Shit)
But the way things been (With what?), with today’s thinking (Yeah)
We should baby them (Why?), instead of shaming them (Oh)
But enabling can (Yeah) do more harm than good
So call me Abe Lincoln ’cause I’ll be honest
I can flip in a blink and all I need is one little road rage reason
Yeah, blah-blah-blah

[Chorus: Sly Pyper & Eminem]
Oh, we got a facade
Give me a road rage reason to black the fuck out and roll with the heat
Road rage (Vroom, vroom, vroom)
And I’m speedin’, fuck that red light, I’m tryna get even (Yeah)

[Verse 3: Eminem]
[?] obese people, if you’re fat, proud, and you know it
Raise your hands if you’re shoving food in your mouth at this moment
But if you’re mad ’cause they’re clownin’ you for poundin’ them donuts
Put ’em down and either do somethin’ about it or own it

[Skit: Slim Shady & Eminem]
Okay, here we go
Wait, what are you doing?
Fuck’s it look like I’m doin’? (What? Nah)
Dyin’ our hair
No, stop, stop! Ow
Shut the fuck up
You’re never gonna–
I said shut the fuck up
Trust me, I know what I’m doing (Yeah)

[Verse 4: Eminem]
So transgender rights? Where do I stand?
Oh, uh, I’m all for ’em, I really am pro (Nah, for real)
[?] with you
But I have no (Nope)
I’m just bein’ honest, now I’m an asshole
Call me a transphobe (Really?) ’cause I just can’t cope (What?)
And try and pretend you was never a man though (Sorry)
I mean, damn, bro (Yeah), it’s just the way I feel (Uh)
But if I say it, will it get me cancelled? (Yup)
My music get banned, or can it withstand (What? No)
This shit is quicksand, man I’m just sayin’
I gotta participate for us to co-exist? (Damn)
I gotta memorise pronouns of a cis-man? (Really?)
How come can’t we just show solidarity with a wristband?
Or something like that, you know?
And this ain’t even a diss, trans people
My dick just won’t expand, them tits won’t make it stand
But Caitlyn, big fan (No, wait)

[Verse 5: Slim Shady]
Oh, you want me to fuckin’ chill and tone this shit down, huh? (Yup)
That’s Shady speaking his mind like it was mouth, huh
You wished you’d grow up and not be so juvenile, huh?
Cash Money Records, this shit’s about to go south, huh?
You feel stupid now, huh?
Old Slim would’ve told ’em to put a lid on it like a toilet bowl rim
Hat with the low brim, I’m in the blue corner (What?)
Link trunks with gold trim
They bet that I won’t win (Yup)
Guess you really showed them
Became the best and I made it (Yeah) like Adult Swim
Yeah, but you pick on handicapped people with no limbs
Well then, fuck you Chris Reeves and the horse that he rode in

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