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Testo Breaking News (Skit)

[Skit: Kimberly Gill, Devin Scillian, Slim Shady & Eminem]
Aight, now I’m ’bout to show you somethin’
Shh, watch
Now to breaking news, and it turns on this week in music
Detroit rapper Eminem, in a stunning move has released an album (What? Shh)
In which he is actually trying to cancel himself
Man, what the fuck?
And right now, at this hour, we got protestors lining the streets downtown
Where Kimberly Gill is standing by, KG
Hi, Devin, we are outside Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti (Man, this some bullshit)
Where, as you can see behind me
People are definitely upset over Eminem’s new album
And are actually calling to boycott the rapper (Haha)
For songs that include insensitive comments about little people
People with mental disabilities, transgender rights and the first amendment (Hahahaha, haha)

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