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Testo Ski Mask Way (Eminem Remix) – 50 Cent

[Eminem] Remix!

[50 Cent]

Yeah, I'm tryin to catch me somethin

A little jux or somethin

[Hook: 50 Cent]

Nigga that watch is nice, that's what you bought for me?

That chain is nice, that's what you bought for me?

Them earrings is nice, that's what you bought for me?

Take that shit off, move I'll break you off properly

[Verse One]

You wan' spray at me go 'head; the last nigga that tried

Got hit, keeled over, and bled 'til he died

Your lil' sister callin me stupid, reason why

Her and your momma in the living room now hogtied

I came up with two new ways to get rich, I can't wait

Got a brand new cig in that ol' 38

I be schemin to put a lil' bread on my plate

Watch and dress shirts, stomp through a hole in the cake

I stick a nigga for his shine, sell him back the next day

You thought I really want it you pussy? Bitch please

This is stashhouse, jackpot, there go them ki's

My black G-Unit hoodie just wreak with marijuana

Cocaine comin out my pores in the sauna

I'm serious man, I'm so sincere

This the flow right here that fucked up Jeffrey's career

Make money, take money, yeah nigga, YEAH


[Interlude: 50 Cent]

I get mine the fast way, the ski mask way

Make money, make money money money

Nigga if you ask me, this the only way

Take money, take money money money

[Verse Two]

Who's that peepin in my window?

WOW – the feds on me now

They know when I'm sleepin, they know when I'm wake

I know they got my phone tapped, I'm screamin fuck Jake

I'm tryin to stay out them pens, so I switched states

Bad News, VA – now that sounds great

I see niggas with that ice on, rims shined up

This town's one big pussy, waitin to get fucked

I holla at A.I. peoples to get gats

They charge me 500 apiece for two macs

Then I'm back doin me, back out on the spree

Catch me and niggas slippin out pumpin that D

Get me a little crew I'll have 'em pumpin for me

The more product I take the more paper we see

Change my name, in NY they don't know where I be

Yeah a nigga doin dirt, but a nigga low-key


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