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Testo Fuel

[Intro: JID]
Smoking trees, I’m ridin’ ’round
Come to my side of town
Lately, it’s been goin’, goin’, goin’, goin’, goin’ down (Look, uh, look)

[Verse 1: JID]
All of my niggas gon’ ride with it
In the pocket, the rocket like Kelly mom
Mama told me the power was in the tongue
But it probably ain’t powerful as a gun
All of you little cowards get devoured, I’m givin’ out flowers to anyone
I ain’t been out the house in a minute ’cause I ain’t wit’ it if the money is miniature
I been mindin’ my business, I’m business mindin’
I been spendin’ some time with the minister
‘Cause them niggas spinnin’ shit and still sinnin’ in the City of God and it’s sinister
Try to pray and repent in a synagoguе or a mosque, a temple, a church
Thеm brown skin’s seen many niggas hurtin’
And murder’s a common courtesy, for certainly
R.I.P. D on the shirt, search, lurk, murk, squirt, durk, first (Forty-eight)
My nigga doin’ four plus eight without a court date
Talked the other day, he say he doin’ okay
He good, he gainin’ weight, then got a sharp shank
He made, he say they played, they gotta partake
Homie got a heart full of hate and a face full of war paint
Eyes all red, full of rage and it’s hard to escape from a dark place
East side niggas from the A, niggas all ages
Tryna sell a pound of the dog cage
All the OGs ’round town was our age
Danger, sex, and drugs, X and R rated
Danger, sex, and drugs, shit be outrageous
But don’t get this shit fucked up, my boy
Ya lucked up once then ya doubled up
I dribble and pass it to the cup and triple-double it
Get to the basket, get the cash and cuddle up
Cover up, bundle up, batter up (Batter up)
Um, talk a lot of smack and now go back it up
Shawty wanna shag, wanna shack it up
I can put a pussy on the platter like a platypus
Nappy hair, nigga, hair natted up
I said, “Barbara,” nigga tatted up
I won’t argue, nigga mad as fuck
‘Cause I ain’t compatible, I’m finna catapult
But niggas know it’s goin’
Down, down, down, down, do-do-do—
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[Chorus: Eminem]
If I run out of fuel
I won’t, what the fuck y’all gon’ do
If I don’t run out of fuel?
Down, down, down, down, do-do-do— (Run out of fuel)
That scares the fuck out of you

[Verse 2: Eminem]
For a couple decades (Brrt)
Been lettin’ this TEC spray (Brrt)
From that day that I met Dre (Brrt)
So you liable to catch strays (Brrt)
From the second you press play (What?)
I suggest they (What?)
Do not test like an essay (Why?)
‘Cause like when my homies out west, ayy (Yeah)
We can just say (What?)
I’m like a R-A-P-E-R (Yeah)
Got so many S-As (S-As), S-As (Huh)
Wait, he didn’t just spell the word, “Rapper” and leave out a P, did he? (Yep)
R.I.P., rest in peace, Biggie
And Pac, both of y’all should be living (Yep)
But I ain’t tryna beef with him (Nope)
‘Cause he might put a hit on me like Keefe D did him
And that’s the only way you’re gonna be killing me (Nah)
Ain’t gonna be on no beat, silly (Yeah)
I beat the beat silly, on the grind like teeth gritting
Call me, “Obesity” (Why?)
You think it’s over? Wait, it’s just beginning
Diss me and it ain’t gonna be pretty (Nah)
Used to be yea tall then I grew a little each day ’til I became God
Like James Todd, now your arms are too short to beat K-Rod
Indeed, they small like DJ Paul (Woo)
My new van’s better than your truck by far
Bitch, suck my balls
You either smoke crack and you’re playin’ stick ball in the street
‘Cause you must be on base if you thinkin’ you can touch my car (Yeah)
But if the whole world was out to get you (What?)
It’d turn you to a powder keg too
Kyle Rittenhouse, spittin’ rounds, the TEC shoots (Look out, like, “Brrt”)
And that ain’t no sound effect (Woo)
Neither was that, SIG Sauer lets loose
I don’t condone gun violence at schools (Nah)
But I can’t get these voices out my head (Hey, let’s go, one, two)
They’re putting words in my mouth like alphabet soup
Got the most content on the continent
And constant compliments give me confidence (I’ma)
Across the common sense and incompetence (Uh)
Incognizant, the conflict’s are consequence
Of accomplishments that conference through compeitish
If conquered done conked him into unconsciousness
Through conscious, I conjure that
King Kong had just called me, “Kamikaze,” I’m gun cocked to this (Woo, my bad)
Nobodies sixteen’s are touching
These motherfuckin’ index fingers fuckin’ the nina
Clutchin’ the nine millimeter, tuckin’ the heat
Got the toaster like an English muffin
No, I mean, “Toast to” like you drink to somethin’
But it’s in a holster, I proceed to bust it
Fuck around and get popped like Halyna Hutchins
Like I’m Alec Baldwin, what I mean is buckin’ you down, coup de grâce then
Right between the fuckin’
I shoot ’em all in if you think you’re fuckin’ with me
You’re gonna suffer the fuckin’ repercussions
The reaper’s comin’ to heathen and I need it from me
I keep replenishing fuel while the beat I’m punishin’

[Chorus: Eminem]
If I run out of fuel
I won’t, what the fuck y’all gon’ do
If I don’t run out of fuel?
Down, down, down, down, do-do-do— (Run out of fuel)
That scares the fuck out of you

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