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Testo Antichrist


[Part I]

Marshall, he’s the antichrist
He will slice and-
But the devil came to Michigan
Oh shit, fuck, fuckin’ PC Police

[Verse 1: Eminem]
Gen Z, here they come now, ’bout to unload rounds
Prr-rrr-rrr, pronouns (Shit) got me like woah now (Woah)
Homie, let’s slow down, (Chill) no need to get so wound
Ready to throw down (No), if I mispronounce (Need ’em)
Oops, oh, wow, got heterosexuals rammin’ ’em down our throats now
Like I’m gettin’ snow plugged, my humor’s too low brow (Yup)
Yes, that’s no doubt (Yup), you ’bout to get grossed out (Ehh)
But fuck it though, somebody needs to come and hit the reset button
Back to 2003, ’cause how did we get stuck in this woke BS
I’m tryna make it regress, fuck ’em, and I don’t regret nothing
It’s ’bout to be said, so fuck it, we can keep head buttin’
Still a grade A prick with the same way (But)
Cobain, put the gauge to his brain, I’m goin’ out with the bang, ayy (Ah)
Dang, Dre, look at what you made me do
Maybe you the one they should blame they
Say they wish I wasn’t so angry (Yeah)
They wanna see me goin’ off the deep end like Ye, ayy (Nah)
Rather see me do like Kim Kardashian they say (Yeah, yeah)
And find a way to get rid of all of this rage, ayy (Hahaha)
But if you wonder why is Marsh considered the harshest spitter (Why?)
‘Cause I can spit a bar that is a
Cross between Nas and GZA, Biggie Smalls, and RZA
So hard, Megan Stallion and Nicki Minaj’ll scissor (Cut it out)
It’s still the press’s wet dream (Yeah), too many [?] drinks (Oh)
My head thinks, file of set things, when [?]
They should arrest me for my testes (Ah)
The biggest in the South, West, East, North and catch me (Ah)
[?] with X dream links, to steps been took to supress things (Why?)
Try not to get seen with Ben Affleck, me, and Seth Green
Hangin’ on to the left wing to Jeffrey Epstein, jet’s screamin’ (Hey! Don’t forget me, haha)
Get to Shady’s bill, takin’ the pill and puttin’ it into your soft drink (Ahh)
Something’s off and I don’t know what the cause be (Yeah)
But it’s obvi’, this water I’m in is scalding
It starts creep in my head and it’s not me
They brainwashed me (Marshall, Marshall)
And that’s all she wrote, yeah, that’s why they call me
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Marshall, he’s the antichrist
He will slice and dice
Men, women and children (One more time, come on)
His name is Marshall
He’s the antichrist
He will slice and dice
[?] Men, women and children (Yeah)

[Verse 2: Eminem]
Knock knock. (Who’s there?) Boo! (Boo who?)
Hey why you cryin’, shorty, uh? ‘Cause I boo’d you?(Woah)
Well, bitch, I’m tryin’ get some head up in this Subaru
But you have no clue what you doin’, do you?
You fall asleep or some’? Hello, yoo-hoo, wake up, fake slut
I’m out of here, screw you, what did you drop dead in my lap?
You call that head? I suck my dick better than you do, haha
Yeah, I’m sick like the terminally ill, but more like sick as in the term mentally ill
Antichrist, how come you can’t be nice?
Like who’s talkin’, dog, like Brian from Family Guy
But who else is as pitiless, actually witty and [?]
[?] spittin’ is nasty
Next idiot that ask me is gettin’ his ass beat
Worst than Diddy did
But on the real, though (Why?)
She prolly ran up to room, but it’s fuckin’ dildo (Come here)
He try to feel, go punish, he said to chill (No)
Now put it back in my ass and get the steal toe (Ill, aah)
Nightmares goin’ Freddy on me (He right) ’cause they steady haunt me
Shady’s back to the court, but look at the [?] got me (Ah)
Complete lack of remorse, so they’ve come at me before, but they will never stop me
But fuck the back and the forth, until I’m dead and rottin’
And it’s prolly wack and it’s warped like [?], sexual acts with a corpse
And they don’t like it like necrophilia [?] in the morgue, fuck everybody
I don’t appeal to you
You was one of them children who’s parents feed every meal to you
Want a plotter and silver spoon, I am a product of what [?] and [?] do
Do you drop when then rappers like Jada bring out the Will in you
‘Cause now my shit slaps harder than [?]
I don’t need sticky fingers to steal on you, lyrical killer who punish you
Every syllable son’n you
Ya highs are tandem like bicycles built for two
Stickin’ a clip into Uzi, I’ve been itchin’ and use, lookin’ like Nikolas Cruz
My trigger’s happy, [?] truth, Travis [?] too, we gettin’ rude
This shit’ll go sideways like your tippin’ a canoe
Bitch, I’m sick as the flu
How the fuck are you
Gonna fit in my shoes, look at my views, all the shit I’ve been through
No sympathy, I don’t have any for you
Stickin’ it to
All of you idiots who take my lyrics a little bit too literal
You can all suck my dick and if you don’t wanna get ripped
Better get the fuck back, bitch, I’m in here to do what Dre said me to do
I [?] get to spinnin’ this shit that that was in me
And I [?]

Marshall, he’s the antichrist
He will slice and dice
Men women and children (One more time)
His name is Marshall
He’s the antichrist
He will slice and dice
Men women and children

[Part II]

[Bridge: Bizarre]
You wanna dance with the devil, dance with the devil, dance with the devil
You wanna dance with the devil, dance with the devil, dance with the devil
You wanna—

[Verse 3: Bizarre]
It’s about to get scary, Bizarre (I see you here)
It’s about to get dead
Guess who’s back, straight out the gutter
With a dirty rubber, plus my homeless mother
Where’s Bruce Jenner at? I wanna fuck that ho
Where’s Megan Thee Stallion at? I wanna suck that toe
Twenty years in, shit, I’m passed addiction
I’m a CVS, tryna find my pass prescription
My dad didn’t listen
I passed the mission
Fuckin’ a tranny on IG live
That was a bad decision (Haha, that was fucked up)
My rent due, my girl need an a abortion (What you gon’ do?)
Sell them Eminem Jordans (I did, haha)
All gas, butt naked, all ass
Tryna get on Hailie Jade’s podcast (Why not?)

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