Nuovo leak Syllables Eminem feat Dr. Dre feat Jay-Z feat 50 Cent feat Stat Quo e Ca$his+ TESTO VERSO EMINEM

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Un altro leak, molto probabilmente risale all'era "The Re-Up"  eccolo sotto:

Testo verso Eminem:
If we gotta dumb down our style and 'ABC' it
then so be it, cause nowadays these kids 
jeez, don't give a shit 'bout lyrics
all they wanna hear is a beat and that's it
'long as they can go to the club and get lit
pick up some chicks and get some digits
and the DJ's playing them hits
oh, this my jam, this my shit
we don't know a word to a verse, all we know is the chorus
cause the chorus repeats the same four words for us
and the song's ginormous, a whole formula switched
cause we don't know anymore what a hit's
this is the beat, this is the rap
is it a finger snap or the same 808 clap
and how do we adapt and get TRL votes
when 13 year-olds control the remotes
and Ashley's got a brand new nose
we gotta put some new emphasis on the 'syllalibles'

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