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Testo Devil´s Night Intro (Freestyle Acapella)

[Verse: Eminem]

You know it's devil's night the way that I smash the face of a punk in

Mask of Jason is a fashion statement since drunkin'

Master tapes been a basket case and if that's the case then I'm dunkin'

Fascination with masturbation and humpin'

Lacerations and masking tape and I'm bumpin'

Some Master Ace, roll up posin' as pastor Mase at a lunchin

See Andrea Yates, grab her face then I'm punchin'

Crack her fuckin' skull with an antique vase, kill her husband

To the back of the station wagon, she's dragged and placed in the trunk an'

Now I'm wanted for kidnapping, rape, and abduction

Spread her legs like Land O'Lakes that I'm cutting till every fuckin' limb's either amputated or punctured

Decapitated Christina Applegate and I rap like I'm agitated

No chill but I'm half sedated, a functioning addict, wait I'm in London?

Brain's underwear? A pantywaist, Classic case of disfunction

Aggravated assult, it was rap related, you activated a gunman

This game's oversaturated with junk and you punks couldn't get a hit from a database with a thumbprint

Razors and matches, path is laid for destruction

Put Jason Mraz's face in his ass then I'm snatchin'

Anne Hathaway, she scratchin' like Jam Master Jay on the one's and

Two's, I slash away then I'm dumpin' her ass in a lake placid for Alligators after I use the fuckin' tire thumper to bash her brains in for nothin'

The murder weapons I stash 'em away 

Man the kind of balls that it has to take and the gumption

Lack of class displayed but such a vast array in abundance

Of sad disgraceful and bad distasteful redundance

And bitch I'm hung like candy canes if you're wonderin'

Balls come at you like batting cages, I'm raw like Big Daddy Kane is, I'm coming

Like I'm ejaculating and nuttin', come catch the clap like you're patty caking little dumpling

Or brace yourself like a cast and be the last to make an assumption I'm back

Like I'm in the bathroom taking a dump and it's back in the day or somethin'

I'll shit on you, devil's night, how's that for a introduction?

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